Our Policies as well as Preservation approaches are developed by considering the advices and guidance from the various communities like publishing communities and library communities.

In the recent years, we are experiencing the advancements in technology and this advanced technology is using by various sectors. Particularly, In education / publishing sectors, publishers / organizations / educational institutions are using wide variety of technologies for engaging their everyday activities. In this case, the data safety is an important factor to be considered. All the communities, for the data safety, will approach the preservative / archiving platforms. There may be some preservative / archiving platforms which will offer service for the data protection. But most of the platforms are not sector / industry specific. Because of this, publishing and library communities may not reach their expectations in data preservation.

By considering the needs and requirements of the publishing and library communities, RePoSiTo platform has been developed with the advanced technology.

RePoSiTo's Sustainability

RePoSiTo is financially and technically supported by the ScienTechS which is offering various types of services for the publishing and library communities as well as for the educational institutions.


Many publishers and libraries are showing their interest / willingness to collaborate with us! Know more about the collaborations - Read More

Legal Rights / Agreements

As per the legal agreements with the publishers and library communities, they will allow us to preserve their Content for the long time i.e. till their requirement.

Specific Access

Publishers, in certain cases, can request the RePoSiTo to deliver their titles / Content from the RePoSiTo. In this case, the participating libraries / Eligible Institutions can gain the access to the titles / Content.
Example: If publisher-A requested the RePoSiTo to have a Specific Access to their titles / Content, then those titles will be available to the participating libraries / Eligible Institutions.

Right to Access

RePoSiTo will offer four types of access rights.

Account Administrator Access / Direct Access: The administrator of the RePoSiTo account / Membership will have a direct access to their titles as well as they can preserve / remove the titles. They will have a complete control on their Content in the RePoSiTo.

Specific Access: In certain cases, publishers may ask the RePoSiTo to deliver their titles. This is called as Specific Access. In this case, libraries / Eligible Institutions can gain an access to the delivered titles.

Post Cancellation Access: After cancellation of your Membership with the RePoSiTo, still publishers can request us to have access to their titles. This is called as Post Cancellation Access.

Auditor Access: After getting the request from the Account Administrator, the Auditor Access will be provided.


We aim to maintain the 100% transparency! For this, we are providing the Auditor Access to the Members (publishers / libraries). Therefore, you can request us for the Auditor Access whenever you would like to have.

There will be a periodic ongoing preservation audits by the Centre for Research Libraries!

Leadership and Expertise

The leadership of RePoSiTo is highly active in preservation field and its technologies.