1. Terms and Conditions of Use

The words "I / We" shall mean the "RePoSiTo / Platform." The words "You / Your" shall mean the "Member(s) / Authorized Users / Eligible Institutions." The "Parties" shall mean the RePoSiTo, Platform, Member(s), Authorized Users, and Eligible Institutions."
The RePoSiTo is a modern Archive which is intended to preserve the eJournals, eBooks, Conference Proceedings and Other Digital Collections. We are assuring that you will have a continuous access to your Content and also based on your requirement, your Content will be available to the Eligible Institutions.
By using the RePoSiTo, you agree to abide by the below Terms and Conditions of Use. These may subject to an agreement entered into between the RePoSiTo and the Members (or) Authorized Members (or) the Authorized Users of Eligible Institution(s), which in the event of any conflict shall prevail.

2. Meanings / Definitions

2.1. Authorized Users

Who are the individuals (may be students, faculty, employee, or Walk-In Users (defined below)) belonging to the "Eligible Institution(s)" (defined below) like A. Publishers (defined below), B. Companies / Organizations (managing the publishing houses & organizing the scientific conferences / seminars) that will manage the Digital Collections (defined below).

2.2. Members

Who (Eligible Institutions / Publishers / Companies / Organizations) will take the license of RePoSiTo to preserve their Content.

2.3. Content

Which are the Digital Collections like eJournals, eBooks, Conference proceedings, etc.

2.4. Walk-In Users / Walk-In Individuals

Who are authorized to be on the premises of the Eligible Institutions.

2.5. Eligible Institutions

Who are the educational institutions, companies, organizations and libraries that are publishing the journals / books / conference proceedings / other digital collections (discuss with the RePoSiTo team). In case of the libraries, they will have an access to the available Content, if the owner of that Content given a permission (or) triggered a Specific Access.

2.6. Publisher

Who are publishing the journals / books / conference proceedings / related collections (discuss with the RePoSiTo team).

2.7. Digital Collections

Which are the specific eContents of the companies (or) organization (or) publishers (or) Members which are publishing the eJournals, eBooks, eConference Proceedings and other digital collections (discuss with the RePoSiTo team).

3. Grant of License

The license will be granted to the Eligible Institutions only! The nature of this license is non-transferable, non-exclusive, and limited license to use the available Content. It will not be allowed for the sublicensing and/or transfer of the license, in any way!

4. Grant of Access

The main objective of the RePoSiTo is to provide the effective preservation of the Eligible Institution's Content. The access to the Content will be permitted in the following conditions.

4.1. Access Types

4.1.1. Account Administrator Access / Direct Access

The administrator of the RePoSiTo account will have a direct access to their titles as well as they can update / preserve / remove the titles. They will have a complete control on their Content in the RePoSiTo.

4.1.2. Specific Access

In certain cases, Members may ask the RePoSiTo to deliver their titles. This is called as Specific Access. In this case, libraries / Eligible Institutions may gain an access to the delivered titles.

4.1.3. Post Cancellation Access

After the cancellation of your Membership / license with the RePoSiTo, still Members can request us to have an access to their titles. This is called as Post Cancellation Access.

4.1.4. Auditor Access

After getting the request from the Account Administrator, the Auditor Access will be provided.

Special Case

In very special case, the access will be provided to the available Content. But it will be communicated to the Members of the RePoSiTo prior to providing an access to the libraries, etc.

5. Permitted Uses

The Eligible Institutions / Members and Authorized Users will be permitted for the following.
5.1. For research activities.
5.2. For student assignments.
5.3. For classroom work like student assignments.
5.4. For usual practice in the scholarly field.
5.5. For the reproduction of the dissertations which is for the personal use only.
5.6. For the library deposit but this library should be a part of the Eligible Institutions / Member(s).
5.7. For the Open Access Content, additional use may be applicable!
5.8. As per the local (country wise) regulations, the use of the available Content may be varied.
5.9. Part of the Content, which is downloaded, can be used by complying with our Terms and Conditions of Use.

6. Prohibited Uses

6.1. The Eligible Institutions and Authorized Users may not be permitted / strictly prohibited:
6.1.1. To remove / modify any copyright notice or any other related attributions in the Content.
6. 1.2. To provide an access to the individuals who are not the Authorized Users.
6.1.3. To disable any secure encryptions / technology based protections in the RePoSiTo.
6.1.4. To use any software for the systematic downloading of the Content in a view to replace the existing Content.
6.1.5. To use any software for the systematic downloading of the Content in a view to keep the Content in the stock.
6.1.6. To use any technical devices (or) software (or) computer programs to download or export the Content automatically.
Eg: Robots, crawlers, etc.
6.1.7. To tamper any area of the RePoSiTo.
6.1.8. To incorporate (or) store the Content into an unethical / unrestricted databases (or) websites.
6.1.9. To reproduce (or) distribute the Content in bulk.
6.1.10. To use the Content beyond the license terms.
6.2. After requesting and approval of the specific access, the RePoSiTo has reserved right to allow (or) not to allow the Members to preserve their Content.
6.3. Eligible Institutions / Members agree to indemnify the RePoSiTo and its Members harmless and assumes sole responsibility for all the liabilities and costs incurred in the connection with the Eligible Institution's creation / distribution.

7. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

7.1. IPR (like trademarks, patents and applications, designs, authorship, etc) relating to the RePoSiTo Archive as well as the Members and their Contents are proprietary to the RePoSiTo (or) the Members subject to the rights of third parties.
7.2. Use of RePoSiTo, by the Eligible Institutions / Members / Authorized Users, implies no right to the IPR.
7.3. RePoSiTo will consider its Members as third party beneficiaries to the available licenses.
7.4. Members of the RePoSiTo can directly enforce the license.
7.5. RePoSiTo have reserved right to use the names and logos of the Members in brochures (or) other materials (or) our website(s).
7.6. Members of the RePoSiTo can use the name and logo of the RePoSiTo in brochures / websites.
7.8. RePoSiTo is built with the advanced technology which will permit the Members / Authorized Users to access, reproduce, use, distribute and display the Content. No Member will be allowed to modify, copy, distribute, reverse engineer, override, disable encryptions (or) other protections, etc.
7.9. No Member has reserved a right to the advanced technology / applications / software and its documentation for using the RePoSiTo Archive.

8. Disclaimers

8.1. Every Member / Authorized Users will be provided with the secure login credentials to access the RePoSiTo platform. Therefore, it is their responsibility to keep their account login credentials in safe place.
8.2. We always suggest the Members to appoint the Designated Staff (or) Authorized Users to manage their account on the RePoSiTo.
8.3. Members should comply with the local laws, if any.
8.4. RePoSiTo is not responsible for the Content of its Members.
8.5. If we get any claim from another source about the infringed material, then the availability of such materials will be suspended, with / without communication to the respective Member(s).
8.6. RePoSiTo shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, liability, claim (or) any kind of the damage from the technical issues / interruption / unavailability of the RePoSiTo Archive.
8.7. If Eligible Institutions / Members feel that the RePoSiTo is not providing its services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use, then the Member shall notify the RePoSiTo immediately. We will work on it to make compliant with the Terms and Conditions of Use.
8.8. Neither party shall be liable for the damages but not limited to the data loss, loss of profits, even if advised of the possibility of a claim.
8.9. RePoSiTo has reserved a right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. It is your responsibility to check the Terms and Conditions of Use frequently.

9. Support

We will provide support to the Members of RePoSiTo and this support will be 24/7/365 days!

10. Roles & Responsibilities

10.1. Roles & Responsibilities of RePoSiTo

The following are the roles and responsibilities of the RePoSiTo.
10.1.1. Making continuous availability of the RePoSiTo to access the Content.
10.1.2. Upgrading the software / system.
10.1.3. Installation / testing of the software.
10.1.4. Providing support to the Members / Eligible Institutions.
10.1.5. Compensation: If the RePoSiTo is not available for more than 72 hours in 45 consecutive calendar days, the validity of the Membership will be extended to 30 more days.

10.2. Roles & Responsibilities of Members / Eligible Institutions / Authorized Users

10.2.1. The access will be provided to the Members / Eligible Institutions / Authorized Users via Username and Password. Members / Eligible Institutions / Authorized Users should keep their Username and Password in safe place.
10.2.2. If you found any unpermitted use, you should notify the RePoSiTo immediately.
10.2.3. If you violate the Terms and Conditions of Use, your membership / access will be suspended / terminated.

11. Appeal

In case of the account termination or suspension, you can appeal to the RePoSiTo to cancel the suspension (or) the termination.

12. Transfer of RePoSiTo Archive

It will never cease its operations! But if it is the case at which the operations of RePoSiTo are going to be ceased.

12.1. Case-I

We will look for the suitable organization / Eligible Institution to manage the RePoSiTo Archive.

12.1. Case-II

If the suitable organization / Eligible Institution is not available, then we will provide a copy of RePoSiTo Archive to the Not-For-Profit institution. Subsequently, the rights will be transferred to that institution.

13. Force Majeure

13.1. RePoSiTo / Eligible institutions / Authorized Users shall not be liable for the following but not limited to.
13.1.1. Act of God.
13.1.2. Acts of military authority.
13.1.3. Acts of civil authority.
13.1.4. Terrorism.
13.1.5. Fires.
13.1.6. Strikes.
13.1.7. Labor disputes.
13.1.8. Wars.
13.1.9. Riots.
13.1.10. Epidemics.
13.1.11. Earthquakes.
13.1.12. Storms.
13.1.13. Floods.

13.2. Delay

If is there any delay (>72 hours) (due to any technical glitches, etc) in providing an access to the Members, the equal time will be extended.

13.2.1. Continuation of Delay

If this delay continuous beyond the forty five (45) consecutive days, either party can terminate the service by giving written notice to the other party.

14. Other

14.1. In addition to the Terms and Conditions of Use, Members should follow the local laws, if any.
14.2. If any clause / provision of this Terms and Conditions of Use is found to be invalid / illegal / conflicted with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, enforceability and legality of the remaining / other provisions / clauses of this Terms and Conditions of Use shall be valid / shall not be affected in any way.
14.3. With the evolving needs of the Members, the RePoSiTo has reserved a right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use at anytime. But these modifications shall not disturb the permitted access (based on the license type) of the Members! These modifications will be posted on this page.
14.4. This is the responsibility of the Members to check the Terms and Conditions of Use frequently. Anyhow, we will try to communicate the modifications to the Members but sometimes, due to technical problems, some of the Members may not receive the communication from the RePoSiTo. Therefore, the Members should check this page frequently.

14.5. No Objections

All the modifications of Terms and Conditions of Use shall be effective after 45 days of their announcement via email / on this page if there are no objections from the Members / Eligible Institutions.

14.6. With Objections

If is there any objections from the Members, those objections should be communicated in written format to the RePoSiTo. In this case, RePoSiTo shall try to address the concerns to the Member's objections. If the Member is not satisfied, then the Member can terminate the license / agreement within 20 days from the date of response received for the objections.