We maintain 100% transparency with our members in terms of their Content! Recently, indexing agencies / platforms / regulatory bodies are asking the publishers / libraries / organizations to show the evidences of content archiving / preservation. In this case, if you provide the audit report to those agencies, they will feel happy and this audit report will become the strong evidence for further approvals / indexing in their platforms.

Every member will have two options for the audit report / auditing of their content.
1. Member choice audit report
2. RePoSiTo choice audit report

1. Member Choice Audit Report

In this case, member can request the RePoSiTo for auditor login. Upon approval, member will get the auditor login credentials. It means, member is choosing the auditor and getting the audit report from that auditor.
After submission of the audit report by the auditor, members can get the audit report by visiting Audit Report menu.

Member Choice Audit Report

RepoSiTo Choice Audit Report

2. RePoSiTo Choice Audit Report

In this case, member can request the RepoSiTo for the audit report. We will assign a world class auditor who is expertised in this sector. After audit process, we will send the audit report to the member.

Status of Audit Report

You can also find the status of audit report by visiting the Coverage page.
Note: You can find the date of last audit report submitted.

Data Access

Approved auditors can have an access to the data of respective accounts / members..
The approved auditors can only view the files / data but never be allowed to download the data / files.
Once the audit report submitted, the auditor login will get locked / blocked i.e. they will not be allowed to enter into the account.