People should focus on the long term secure protection of their data! They shouldn't opt for the short term protections with the lasting preservation. The secure and long term preservation ensures the following factors.


We will provide the optimal secure environment for the preservation of your data. We will run the frequent security checks to ensure the maximum security of the data.


Your data will be accessible in four types of the accessibility. By default, the administrator of the account will have an access to the respective Content. In certain cases, for Specific Access, Post Cancellation Access and/or Auditor Access, the Account Administrator should send the request to the RePoSiTo.


Content must be usable for the future references. We will frequently monitor the Content in our secure environment and will take the appropriate decisions / actions to make Content remains usable.


All the Content preserved in the RePoSiTo can be discoverable.


We will maintain the authentication of the original Content. We continuously monitor the Content and make sure to have the replica of the original Content, if we transform the Content.
To build the trust and guarantee the security and quality, we will conduct the frequent audits and checks. These checks will also useful in maintaining the quality delivery system as well as useful in providing the easy access to the publishers, libraries and scientific conferences management organizations.